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Welcome to Christa Petrillo Total Horsemanshiptm Training

Total Horsemanshiptm exists to provide a pathway for enjoyable, positive, successful and meaningful experiences between horses and the people who interact with them. It is a unique, comprehensive, ground breaking approach that makes TOTAL sense. While including the Natural Horsemanship methods to training, Total Horsemanshiptm employs a host of other helpful, proven and effective tools to achieve the highest level possible in interaction and performance. No matter what your experience has been with horses, you can take your Horsemanship to a whole new level. Take the P.A.T.H. (Petrillo Accredited Total Horsemanshiptm) Program or any or all of the many clinics and programs offered to achieving Total Horsemanshiptm! Visit the Education Page to find out more about your options!

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Some of the best horses never stepped foot in a show arena. Some of the best lessons taught by that horse were in my back yard. Some of the best horses had no pedigree of champions. Some of the best horses cost me next to nothing to buy them. Some of the greatest moments and my proudest were with no one watching. Sometimes it's the diamond in the rough, the backyard pet, the forgotten horse, the one that had no hope or love that when given the chance to shine, they shined the brightest. Just because someone or a horse doesn't have ribbons or trophies, doesn't make what they do any less profound. Whether it's in or out of the show arena, we often have those special horses and special moments. So I tip my hat to everyone who has ever worked hard, cried, laughed, and bled for what they love. A champion is not in a pedigree or ribbon, it's in the heart.

Gabriel Fyre

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Horses for Sale

Horses for Sale

If you have a horse for sale
Christa is the one to market it for you!

Christa receives inquiries all the time about horses for sale, from people selling horses, in addition to those looking to buy a horse.

She specializes in making good matches for horse and rider after carefully evaluating where the horse is in its training and where the abilities, wants, needs and desires of the rider lie.

Christa has horses for sale all the time, and the list changes constantly. If she doesn't have the right horse for you today, she may know of someone who does.

Please inquire about current sale horses or visit Christa Petrillo Total Horsemanship Facebook page.

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